About Justin Farrelly

International landscape art and photojournalism photographer, Justin Farrelly, has travelled the globe in search of the most breathtaking moments in time. His 20-year career has taken him, camera in-hand, all over the world, covering all aspects of modern life, often featuring in major newspaper and magazine titles across Ireland, UK and Australia, and in work for leading global brands.

But it is his passion for chronicling the natural world, the beauty of landscape and an innate wanderlust where his talent shines. His meanderings through Africa and India - from the volcanic mountains of Rwanda to the camel fairs in the deserts of Rajasthan, all the way to the dusty roads of the Australian outback, has allowed him to see the world in a manner most of us could never contemplate.

In his photo-art, Justin captures so much more than a beautiful terrain or a rich, vibrant sunset – it’s contemplation in stillness, a sense of isolation, reminding us of how we both impact and find ourselves in the landscapes - metaphorically and spiritually. These photographs are not just memorable; they’re moving. Balancing beauty with art, they have the power to lift an entire room, and unconsciously transport you to moments of beauty in the natural world, like a window into a different space and time.


Customers tell us they allow them to see the world with particular attention, giving them the freedom to contemplate their relationship with nature and landscape. It’s the reason why these award-winning prints can be found in offices and residences all over Ireland.

When he’s not globetrotting in search of the perfect shot, you’ll find Justin living by the sea in Ireland with his wife and three children, or capturing the perfect sunrise at the crack of dawn.


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